Secretomotor fibres from inferior salivary nucleus supply:

 # Secretomotor fibres from inferior salivary nucleus supply:
A. Lacrimal gland
B. Parotid gland
C. Submandibular salivary gland
D. Sublingual salivary gland

The correct answer is B. Parotid gland.

The preganglionic fibres begin in the inferior salivatory nucleus, pass through the 9th cranial nerve and relay in the otic ganglion. The post ganglionic fibres reach the gland through the auriculotemporal nerve.

# Inferior salivatory nucleus --> IX cranial nerve tympanic branch ----> tympanic plexus ---> Lesser petrosal nerve ---> relays in otic ganglion ---> parotid gland.

# Edinger westphal nucleus ---> III nerve ---> Inferior oblique ---> Branch to ciliary ganglion ---> relay ---> short ciliary nerves supply cliliaris and constrictor pupillae muscle.

# Superior salivatory nucleus of VII nerve ---> VII nerve ---> chorda tympani branch --->  via lingual nerve ---> submandibular ganglion ---> relays ---> submandibular gland and lingual salivary salivary gland via lingual nerve.

# Lacrimatory nucleus of  VII nerve ---> VII nerve---> greater petrosal nerve + deep petrosal nerve ---> nerve of pterygoid canal ---> Pterygopalatine ganglion ---> relays to supply glands of nose, palate, pharynx and pass along maxillary nerve, zygomatic, temporal nerve, lacrimal nerve to supply lacrimal gland.

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