Nerve supply of Capsule of TMJ:

 # Which of the following supplies capsule of TMJ?
A. Facial nerve
B. Auriculotemporal nerve
C. Branch of maxillary nerve
D. First cervical nerve

The correct answer is B. Auriculotemporal nerve.

Sensory nerve supply: Sensory innervation of the TMJ is derived from the auriculotemporal and masseteric branches of V3 (otherwise known as the mandibular branch of the trigeminal nerve).

Blood supply of TMJ: Its arterial blood supply is provided by branches of the external carotid artery, predominantly the superficial temporal branch. Other branches of the external carotid artery, namely, the deep auricular artery, anterior tympanic artery, ascending pharyngeal artery, and maxillary artery, may also contribute to the arterial blood supply of the joint.

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