MCQs on Periodontal Ligament - Oral Histology Part 1

# Which of the following cells are the predominant connective tissue cells of the periodontal ligament?
A. Cementoblasts
B. Fibroblasts
C. Osteoblasts
D. Cell rests of Malassez

# The periodontal ligament:
A. Derives its blood primarily from the branches of vessels entering the pulp
B. Has a slow rate of turn over
C. Contains epithelial cells
D. Comprises primarily of type II collagen

# Which of the following is not the principal fiber group of the periodontal ligament ?
A. Horizontal
B. Oblique
C. Alveolar crest
D. Trans septal

# Anchoring fibrils are composed of:
A. Type V and VII collagen
B. Type I and III collagen
C. Type IV collagen
D. Type IV and III collagen

# Collagen molecule exhibits all of the following features EXCEPT :
A. Triple plated sheath
B. Mostly contains glycine residues
C. Exhibit cross striations at 64 micrometer
D. Intracellular in nature

# Remnants of Hertwig's root sheath are found in :
A. Gingiva
B. Alveolar bone
C. Cementum
D. Periodontal Ligament
# Age changes in the periodontal ligament include which of the following ?
A. Increased fibroplasia
B. Increased vascularity
C. Increased thickness
D. Decrease in the number of cementicles

# All of the following cells of periodontal ligament are of mesenchymal origin EXCEPT:
A. Fibroblasts
B. Multi totipotent cells
C. Cementoblasts
D. Cell rests of Malassez

# The attachment apparatus of tooth is composed of:
A. Gingiva,cementum and alveolar bone
B. Gingiva and cementum
C. Cementum and periodontal ligament
D. Periodontal ligament, cementum and alveolar bone

# The vascular supply of the periodontal ligament is :
A. Greatest in the middle third of a single rooted tooth
B. Greatest in the middle third of a multirooted tooth
C. A net-likee plexus that runs closer to the cementum than to the bone
D. A net-like plexus that runs closer to the bone than to the cementum

# Fibers of the periodontal ligament embedded in the bone are:
A. Sharpey's fibers
B. Tome's fibers
C. Elastic fibers
D. Ray's fibers

# Group of fibers, which resist the masticatory forces are:
A. Dentogingival
B. Transseptal
C. Oblique
D. Horizontal


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