MCQs on Periodontal Ligament - Oral Histology Part 3

# Periodontal fibers joining cemental surface of one tooth, to cemental surface of adjacent tooth are called:
A. Gingivodental
B. Cemental fibers
C. Horizontal fibers
D. Transseptal fibers

# Sharpey's fibers are present in:
A. Bone
B. Periosteum
C. Periodontal ligament
D. All of the above

# Interdependency of osteoblasts and osteoclasts in bone remodelling is called as:
A. Lacunae
B. Coupling
C. Reversal lines
D. Canaliculi

# True about osteoclasts:
A. Monocytes are precursor cells of osteoclasts
B. The plasma membrane of osteoclasts adjacent to bone that is being resorbed is known as striated or ruffled border
C. Contain lysosomes with acid phosphates
D. All of the above are true

# Periodontal ligament is made up of :
A. Type I collagen
B. Type I and Type III collagen
C. Type I and Type II collagen
D. Type I and Type IV collagen

# Which of the following is correct ?
A. Fibronectin helps in attachment of fibroblasts to collagen
B. Cementicles are found in periodontal ligament of older individuals
C. The large nerve fibers are myelinated and are concerned with discernment of touch
D.The small nerve fibers may or may not be myelinated and are concerned with discernment of pain
E. All of the ABOVE
# Cementicles are found in the:
A. Gingiva
B. Periodontal ligament
C. Alveolar bone
D. Cementum

# The most abundant group of fibers in the PDL are:
A. Trans septal
B. Horizontal
C. Oblique
D. Apical

# Width of the Periodontal ligament is least at:
A. Cervical third
B. Apical third
C. Fulcrum of rotation
D. It has uniform width

# The rests of Malassez in the periodontal ligament are derived from:
A. Dental pulp
B. Lamina propria
C. Odontogenic epithelium
D. Vestibular lamina

# Development of supporting tissues of the tooth is initiated by :
A. Cells of dental follicle
B. Cells of odontogenic layer
C. Cementoblasts
D. Cells of the gingiva

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