MCQs on Gastrointestinal tract and Liver Physiology Part 2

# Pepsinogen is activated by :
A. Enterokinase
B. low pH
C. Trypsin
D. Chymotrypsin

# Best stimuli for secretin secretion is :
A. Protein
B. Acid
C. Fat
D. Bile

# Maximum secretory glands in stomach are :
A. Fundic glands
B. Pyloric glands
C. Gastric glands
D. Brunner's Glands

# All are actions of CCK except:
A. Relax lower esophageal sphincter
B. Increased pancreatic secretion
C. Increased gastric secretion
D. Causes gall bladder contraction

# Vagal stimulation following intake of food does not affect secretion of :
A. Stomach
B. Pancreas
C. Parotid
D. Gall bladder

# Gastrin is produced by :
A. Pancreas
B. Gastric antral cells
C. Pituitary
D. All
# Small intestinal peristalsis is controlled by :
A. Myenteric plexus
B. Meissner's plexus
C. Vagus nerve
D. Parasympathetic

# The duodenum secretes a hormone which has the following effects except :
A. Causes copious pancreatic juice rich in bicarbonate and poor in enzymes
B. Increases gastric motility
C. Causes gall bladder to contract and sphincter of oddi to relax
D. Leads to meager flow of pancreatic juice rich in enzymes

# Cholagogues are the substances which cause :
A. Contraction of the gall bladder
B. Increase concentration of the bile
C. Increase secretion of the bile
D. Favours acdification of the bile