MCQs on Oral HIstology Cementum - Part 2

# Bundle bone is part of :
A. Periodontal ligament
B. Alveolar bone
C. Cementum
D. Long bones

# The cementoenamel junction is approximately at the level at which the root canal becomes :
A. Twisted
B. Curved
C. Pulp chamber
D. Lateral canal

# Hardness of fully mineralised cementum is :
A. Less than dentin
B. More than dentin
C. Equal to dentin
D. More than enamel
# Which one of the following is true of cellular cementum ?
A. Forms during root formation
B. Forms after the eruption of the tooth
C. Seen at the coronal portion of the tooth
D. Formation is a slow process

# Type of cementum located in the furcation areas of multirooted teeth is :
A. Cellular extrinsic fiber cementum
B. Cellular intrinsic fiber cementum
C. Cellular mixed stratified cementum
D. Acellular intrinsic fiber cementum