MCQs on Oral Histology - Cementum Part 3

# Root lengthening is contributed by :
A. Cellular cementum
B. Acellular cementum
C. Intermediate cementum
D. All of the above

# The lacunae which contains cementocytes shows canaliculi that is oriented towards :
A. The crown
B. The dentin side
C. The PDL space
D. The root apex

# Which of the following statements is true ?
A. Cementum is thinnest at CEJ (20-50 micrometer)
B. Cementum is thickest towards the apex (150-200 micrometer)
C. The apical foramen is surrounded by cementum
D. All of the above

# Which of the following is least mineralised ?
A. Cementoid
B. Incremental line
C. Cellular cementum
D. Acellular cementum

# The region at which cementum formation is most rapid is :
A. Middle
B. Coronal
C. Apical
D. Interradicular
# Which dental tissue doesn't contain nerves ? :
A. Bone
B. Dentin
C. Cementum
D. Pulp

# Inorganic content of cementum is :
A. 45 to 50%
B. 50 to 55%
C. 55 to 60%
D. 60 to 65%

# Cellular cementum is :
A. First formed cementum
B. Less calcified than acellular type
C. More calcified than acellular type
D. Less irregular

# Intermediate cementum is :
A. Highly defined cellular zone near cementodentinal junction (CDJ)
B. Highly defined fibrillar zone near CDJ
C. Poorly defined zone near cementodentinal junction
D. Both A and B