MCQs on Oral Pathology - Tongue Disorders

# A blue nodular mass on the lateral border of the tongue is soft, smooth and blanches upon pressure. It is most likely to be:
A. Lymphoma
B. Hemangioma
C. Epulis Fissuratum
D. Epithelioma

# Leutic glossitis can occur in connection with:
A. Vitamin B deficiency
B. Vitamin C deficiency
C. Iron deficiency
D. Syphilis

# Median Rhomboid glossitis is due to:
A. Inflammation of the tongue
B. Persistence of the tuberculum impar
C. Hypertrophy of filiform papillae
D. Atrophy of filiform papillae

# Median rhomboid glossitis is associated with:
A. Burning mouth syndrome
B. Fungal infection
C. Bacterial infection
D. Absence of filiform papillae
# Burning sensation of tongue is called:
A. Glossopyrosis
B. Glossodynia
C. Glossitis
D. Glossolgia

# A median round lesion in front of circumvallate papillae, with epithelial hyperplasia diagnosis is:
A. Median rhomboid glossitis
B. Erythema migrans
C. Aphthous ulcer
D. Chemical burn

# Following a general examination and a biopsy of a firm, pale nodule in the tongue, a diagnosis of primary amyloidosis has been reached. What underlying disease is this patient likely to have?
A. Leprosy
B. Syphilis
C. Tuberculosis
D. None of the above

# Which of the following occurs most commonly on tongue?
A. Lymphangioma and granular cell myoblastoma
B. Lipoma and fibroma
C. Neuroblastoma and Lipoma
D. Lymphangioma and Fibroma

# Oral hairy leukoplakia is seen in AIDS patients. The most likely site of appearance is:
A. Lateral borders of tongue
B. Sublingual mucosa
C. Soft palate
D. Buccal mucosa

# In amyloidosis of the tongue, the amyloid is primarily deposited in the:
A. Stromal connective tissue
B. Cells of the Surface epithelium
C. Nuclei of the striated muscle cells
D. Cytoplasm of the striated muscle cells

# Glossodynia is:
A. Pain in the tongue
B. Burning of the tongue
C. Swelling of the tongue
D. White patch on tongue

# Which of the following structures become enlarged in "Hairy tongue" ?
A. Fungiform papillae
B. Filiform Papillae
C. Circumvallate papillae
D. Taste Buds

# Magenta tongue is found in deficiency of:
A. Riboflavin
B. Thiamine
C. Nicotinic acid
D. Pyridoxine

# Most common site for Squamous cell carcinoma on tongue is:
A. Apex
B. Base
C. Lateral borders
D. Dorsum

# The syndrome of geographic tongue should be treated by:
A. Excisionn of the lesion
B. Penicillin therapy
C. Topical application of Nystatin
D. Routine observation at recall time