Types of Cementum / Classification of Cementum

Schroeder has classified Cementum as follows:

A. Acellular Afibrillar Cementum (AAC)
- Contains neither cells nor extrinsic or intrinsic collagen fibers apart from a mineralized ground substance
- It is a product of cementoblasts
- In humans, it is found in the coronal cementum

B. Acellular Extrinsic Fiber Cementum (AEFC)
- It is composed entirely of densely packed bundles of Sharpey's fibers and lacks cells.
- It is a product of fibroblasts and cementoblasts
- In humans, it is found in the cervical 1/3rd of roots but may extend further apically

C. Cellular Mixed Stratified Cementum (CMSC)
- It is composed of extrinsic (Sharpey's) and predominantly intrinsic fibers and contains cells
- It is coproduct of fibroblasts and cementoblasts
- In humans, it appears primarily in the apical third of the roots and the apices and in the furcation areas

D. Cellular Intrinsic Fiber Cementum (CIFC)
- Contains cells but no collagen fibers
- It is formed by cementoblasts.
- In humans, it fills resorption lacunae.

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