MCQs on Pathology - Growth Disorders and Neoplasia

The Correct answers are highlighted in GREEN.

# Burkitt's lymphoma is associated with the proliferation of: (AP -99)
a) T- cell
b) B - cell
c) Lymph vessels
d) Lymph nodes

# Incidence of most common malignant tumors in men in India is in:
a) Lungs
b) Oral cavity
c) Prostate
d) Liver

# Incidence of most common malignant tumours in women is:
a) Breast
b) Lung
c) Cervix
d) Ovary

# Carcinogens induce tumours, they are:
a) Chemicals
b) Radiation
c) Viruses
d) All of the above

# Oncogenic viruses in human are:
a) HPV
b) EBV
c) Hepatitis-B virus
d) All of the above

# Most tumours are:
a) Biclonal in origin
b) Monoclonal in origin
c) Multiclonal in origin
d) None of the above

# The wasting syndrome associated in cancer is
a) Achalasia
b) Cachexia
c) Atelexis
d) Cacoguesia

# Rodent ulcer is most commonly seen on
a) Face below ala-tragus line
b) Face above ala-tragus line
c) Anywhere on hairless skin
d) All of the above

# Malignant neoplasms show all the following features EXCEPT: (MAN -95)
a) Disorganized cell structure
b) Encapsulation
c) Invasion of blood vessels
d) Rapid, erratic growth

#  The term metaplasia refers to: (MAN -95)
a) Irregular, atypical proliferative changes in epithelial or mesenchymal cells
b) Loss of cell substance producing shrinkage of the cells
c) Replacement of one type of adult cell by another type of adult cell
d) None of the above

# Exfoliative cytology is indicated in: (MAN -2000)
a) Heavily keratinized lesions of oral cavity
b) Pre-cancerous lesions of oral cavity
c) Cigarette smokers
d) Mass screening of cervical cancer

# Change in structure and functions of a tissue is called: (AIPG -97)
a) Dysplasia
b) Metaplasia
c) Anaplasia
d) Aplasia

# The most definite feature of a malignant tumour is: (KAR -03, 2K)
a) Haemorrhage
b) Increased mitoses
c) Metastasis
d) Necrosis

# The increase in size of individual cells is referred as: (KAR -03)
a) Hypertrophy
b) Hyperplasia
c) Hypodontia
d) Differentiation

#  Increased proliferation of cells is called: (KAR -03)
a) Hypertrophy
b) Atrophy
c) Hyperplasia
d) Metaplasia

# The predisposing factor for squamous cell carcinoma
a) Solar keratosis
b) Chronic ulcers
c) Leukoplakia
d) All of the above

# Keratin pearls with downward proliferation of epithelial masses is characteristic of
a) Squamous cell carcinoma
b) Basal cell carcinoma
c) Epidermoid carcinoma
d) Melanoma

# Nevus cells are
a) Modified melanocytes
b) Cells containing excessive melanin pigment
c) Melanocytes which are functionally more active
d) Large melanocytes

# Malignant tumour of skeletal muscle is
a) Rhabdomyoma
b) Rhabdomyosarcoma
c) Leiomyoma
d) Leiomyosarcoma

#  Epstein Barr virus is associated with
a) Nasopharyngeal carcinoma
b) Burkitts lymphoma
c) Infectious mononucleosis
d) All of the above

# Immune response to tumour is mediated by
a) Cytotoxic T - lymphocytes
b) Natural killer cells
c) Humoral mechanism
d) All of the above

# Pap smear is used to detect dysplasia, carcinoma in situ and invasive carcinoma of uterine cervix. This is based on the principle of
a) Neoplastic cells are cohesive
b) Neoplastic cells are non cohesive
c) Hyper chromatic and pleomorphism of tumour cells
d) All of the above

# Tumour which shows origin from more than one germ layers is known as:
a) Teratoma
b) Plemorphic tumours
c) Choristoma
d) Hamartoma

# Malignant tumour of epithelial origin is
a) Carcinoma
b) Sarcomas
c) Papilloma
d) All of the above

# In dysplasia mitotic figures are seen in
a) In basal layers of epithelium
b) In surface layers only
c) From basal layer to surface
d) None of the above

# Nuclear cytoplasmic ratio in malignant cells is
a) 1 : 6
b) 1 : 5
c) 1 : 1
d) 6 : 4

# Which of the following is correct statement?
a) Grading is the degree of macroscopic and microscopic differentiation of tumour
b) Staging is the extent of spread of tumour
c) TNM and AJC systems can be used for staging malignant tumours
d) All of the above

#Onion skin appearance is seen in
b) Osteosarcoma
c) Osteoma
d) Fibro sarcoma 

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