Cooley’s Anemia is also known as:

 # Cooley’s Anemia is also known as:
A. Sickle cell anemia
B. Alpha thalassemia
C. Beta thalassemia
D. Aplastic anemia

The correct answer is C. Beta Thalassemia.

Beta thalassaemia aka Thalassaemia major, Cooleys's anaemia: Beta-thalassaemia is inherited as an autosomal recessive pattern (homozygous). It is due to a mutation in the gene that causes either cause a total absence of beta-globin chain synthesis denoted as beta mutation or a reduced amount of beta-globin chain production denoted as beta mutation. Beta-thalassaemia major or Cooley's anaemia is the most severe form seen in individuals with a homozygous condition. These patients are severely anaemic and are transfusion dependent. 

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