MCQs in Reproductive System

1.When is sex of an individual determined?
At the time of conception
Fourth week of development

Eighth week of development
Last trimester of pregnancy

2. The fetal sertoli cells start producing anti mullerian hormone (AMH) at about seventh week of gestation in:
Female fetus
Male fetus
Both male and female fetus
AMH is not secreted by fetal sertoli cells

3. Gonadotropins are secreted by:
Posterior pituitary
Anterior pituitary

4. Androgen binding protein (ABP) is secreted by:
Anterior pituitary
Sertoli cells
Leydig's cells

5. Penile erection is mediated by:
Sympathetic nerves arising from segments L2-L4 of spinal cord
Parasympathetic nerves arising from segments L2-L4 of spinal cord
Sympathetic nerves arising from segments S2-S4 of spinal cord
Parasympathetic nerves arising from segments S2-S4 of spinal cord

6. The whole process of spermatogenesis takes about:
2 days
16 days
24 days
72 days

7.The minimum sperm count that is necessary for not being classified as a condition of oligozoospermia is:
5 million/ml
20 million/ml
60 million/ml
100 million/ml

8. If the menstrual cycle is of longer or shorter duration than 28 days, then :
the variation is generally in the period before ovulation
the variation is generally in the period after ovulation
the ovulation exactly takes place on the day which is half the cycle length
None of the above are true

9. Fertilization takes place in:
ampulla of fallopian tube
isthmus of fallopian tube
fundus of uterus

10. If ovum is not fertilized, the corpus luteum starts degenerating:
around day 18 of the cycle
around day 21 of the cycle
around day 24 of the cycle
on the 28th day of the cycle

11. Testosterone is a:
C-17 steroid
C-18 steroid
C-19 steroid
C-20 steroid

12.Which of the following is a precursor of both gonadal and adrenocortical hormones?

13. The hormone that is essential for the development of male external genitalia in intrauterine life is:
Mullerian regression factor
SOX factor

14. Testicular feminization syndrome is caused by mutations in genes encoding for:
Androgen binding proteins
Testosterone 5 alpha reductase
Androgen receptor

15. Epiphyseal closure in humans is mediated by:

16. Individuals with sexual precocity are apt to be dwarf because of:
increased levels of androgens
the estrogen surge during precocious puberty
deficiency of androgen receptors
increased levels of thyroxine

17. Human chorionic gonadotropin is structurally and functionally similar to
Growth hormone

18. The first polar bodies are extruded:
24 hours prior to ovulation
At the time of ovulation
At the time of LH surge
Upon fertilization of the ovum

19. Which statement regarding androgens is false?
secreted in the testis by the seminiferous tubules
secreted in fetus in greater quantities than in early childhood
secreted in the female by the ovary
secreted in the male by the adrenal cortex

20. HCG acts upon the:
LH receptor
Prolactin receptor
GH receptor
FSH receptor

21. If pregnancy occurs, corpus luteum remain active for about:
3 weeks
3 months
6 months
Until the birth of the baby

22. Uterine bleeding in between the menstruations is called:

23. Which of the following is false?
FSH levels decreases during ovulation
LH levels increases during ovulation
Estrogen level increases during ovulation
Both FSH and LH levels fall during ovulation

24. The average gestation period from the last menstrual period (LMP) is:
266 days
280 days
300 days
7 months

25. The actual duration of pregnancy is?
266 days
280 days
300 days
7 months

26. Which of the following is not a method for medical termination of pregnancy (MTP)/ abortion?
Dilatation and curettage (D and C)
Vacuum aspiration
administration of prostaglandin