MCQs on Benign and Malignant Tumors of Oral Cavity

# Which of the following lesions are seen in Von recklinghausen's disease of skin ?
A. Hemangioma
B. Ameloblastoma
C. Neurofibroma
D. Giant cell fibroma

# In which of the following conditions pulsations or murmur may be detected ?
A. Capillary hemangioma
B. Osteogenic sarcoma
C. Epidermoid carcinoma
D. Osteoid osteoma

# Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia is seen commonly on :
A. Lips
B. Buccal mucosa
C. Tongue
D. Palate

# Numbness of lip seen with no previous dental treatment :
A. Metastatic carcinoma
B. Central nervous system lesion
C. Osteomylitis
D. Infection

# Which of the following produces osteoblastic secondaries ?
A. Carcinoma lung
B. Carcinoma breast
C. Carcinoma Urinary bladder
D. Carcinoma prostate

# An inflammed capillary hemangioma of the oral caity looks similar to :
A. Nevus
B. Neurofibroma
C. Pyogenic granuloma
D. Angiosarcoma

# Reed- Sternberg cells are characteristically seen in :
A. Alpha thalassemia
B. Glandular fever
C. Hansan's disease
D. Hodgkin's disease

# Which of the following is the most common site for the occurrence of a basal cell carcinoma ?
A. Buccal mucosa
B. Hard palate
C. Skin of the lower lip
D. Dorsum of the tongue

# Which of the following is the most likely to turn malignant (among them) ?
A. Intradermal nevus
B. Junctional nevus
C. Lichen planus
D. Papilloma

# A rhabdomyoma is a tumor originating from :
A. Nerve tissue
B. Smooth muscle
C. Striated muscle
D. Vascular endothelium

# The term poikilokaryosis refers to :
A. Alteration of nuclear cytoplasmic ratio
B. large, prominent nucleii
C. division of nuclei without division of cytoplasm
D. loss of polarity and disorientation of cells

# Which of the following is a true cyst ?
A. Aneurysmal bone cyst
B. Gingival cyst of the newborn
C. Hemorrhagic bone cyst
D. All of the above

# Frequent bouts of epistaxis are a conspicuous feature of :
A. Encephalotrigeminal angiomatosis
B. Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia
C. Nasopharyngeal angiofibroma
D. Vascular nevus

# Bence-Jones are laboratory findings of :
A. Paget's disease
B. Multiple myeloma
C. Malignant melanoma
D. Fibrous dysplasia

# Which of the following conditions is not considered as premalignant ?
A. Erosive lichen planus
B. Syphilitic glossitis
C. Leukoedema
D. Leukoplakia

# "Warty" or "cauliflower" like growth is :
A. Papilloma
B. Fibroma
C. Lipoma
D. Torus

# Starry sky appearance is seen in :
A. Pagets disease
B. Cherubism
C. Garrey's osteomylitis
D. Burkitt's lymphoma

# Bowen's disease is :
A. Benign neoplasm of the GIT
B. Intraepithelial carcinoma
C. Vesiculobullous lesions of the skin
D. Ulcerative lesion of GIT

# Granular cell myoblastoma of tongue is :
A. Benign tumor
B. Malignant tumor of the tongue
C. Lymphatic enlargement of the tongue
D. Developmental anomaly of the tongue

# Abtropfung effect is seen in :
A. Junctional nevus
B. Pemphigus
C. Aphthous ulcer
D. Erythema multiformae