MCQs on Vascular Supply of Head and Neck

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# The inferior dental artery is a branch of the :
A. Mandibular artery
B. Maxillary artery
C. Pterygomandibular plexus
D. None of the above

# The middle meningeal artery :
A. Enters the skull through the foramen ovale
B. Supplies the superolateral surface of the ipsilateral cerebral hemisphere
C. Runs a subdural course within the cranial cavity
D. Gives an interior branch which runs deep to the pterion

# The cavernous sinus does not communicate with the :
A. Ophthalmic vein
B. Internal jugular vein
C. External jugular vein
D. Pterygoid plexus

# The artery, which runs along the lower border of posterior belly of digastric is :
A. Lingual
B. Ascending hypophyseal
C. Occipital
D. Palatine

# All of the following are true of maxillary artery except :
A. The branches of maxillary artery accompany the branches of maxillary nerve
B. It is one of the terminal branches of ECA
C. It passes deep between the two heads of lateral pterygoid muscle into the pterygopalatine fossa
D. It is the arterial supply for mandible

# Little's area constitutes :
A. Anastomosis between branch of maxillary artery and the branch of facial artery
B. Anastomosis between two branches of facial artery
C. Anastomosis between two branches of maxillary artery
D. None of the above

# Ophthalmic artery is a branch of :
A. Maxillary artery
B. Sphenopalatine artery

# All of the following are branches of external carotid artery except :
A. Superior thyroid artery
B. Anterior ethmoidal artery
C. Posterior auricular artery
D. Occipital artery

# Which is the only medial branch of the external carotid artery ?
A. Superior thyroid
B. Lingual
C. Internal maxillary
D. Ascending pharyngeal
# Submandibular gland is supplied by :
A. Lingual artery
B. Facial artery
C. Submandibular artery
D. Inferior alveolar artery

# The common carotid artery may be palpated at : (TWO ANSWERS CORRECT ) Check page 141, Q.11
A. Hyoid bone
B. Upper border of thyroid cartilage
C. Transverse process of C5
D. Transverse process of C6

# The arterial supply of trachea is by the :
A. Bronchial artery
B. Tracheal artery
C. Inferior thyroid artery
D. Superior thyroid artery

# First part of vertebral artery is related to :
A. Superior cervical ganglion
B. Middle cervical ganglion
C. Stellate ganglion
D. Ciliary ganglion

# Pulsations felt in the suprasternal space are probably due to :
A. Subclavian artery
B. Common carotid artery
C. Inferior thyroid artery
D. Vertebral artery

# Ascending palatine artery is a branch of :
A. Internal carotid artery
B. External carotid artery
C. Facial artery
D. Ascending pharyngeal artery

# Arterial supply of Submandibular gland is through which branch of ECA ?
A. Ascending pharyngeal
B. Superior pharyngeal
C. Maxillary
D. Facial

# The tonsillar ring or Waldeyer's ring consists of :
A. The adenoid
B. The lingual tonsil
C. The tonsil
D. All of the above
# Facial artery is the branch of the :
A. Internal carotid artery
B. External carotid artery
C. Superficial temporal
D. Maxilary artery

# The major blood supply of hard palate is through :
A. Lesser palatine artery
B. Greater (anterior) palatine artery
C. Nasopalatine artery
D. Sphenopalatine artery

# Superior thyroid artery accompanies which nerve ?
A. External laryngeal
B. Internal laryngeal
C. Superior laryngeal
D. Both A and C

# Common carotid artery divides to ICA and ECA at :
A. Cricoid cartilage
B. Thyroid cartilage
C. 1st tracheal ring
D. Cricothyroid membrane

# Maxillary artery is a branch of :
A. External carotid artery
B. Internal carotid artery
C. Trigeminal artery
D. Facial artery

# Lingual artery is a branch of :
A. Internal carotid artery
B. External carotid artery
C. Subclavian artery
D. Maxillary artery

# The connective vein between facial vein and cavernous sinus is :
A. Superior ophthalmic vein
B. Inferior ophthalmic vein
C. Connecting pterygoid plexus
D. None of the above

# The main arterial trunk supplying the infratemporal fossa is :
A. Infratemporal artery
B. Deep Temporal artery
C. Maxillary artery
D. Posterior superior alveolar artery

# The terminal branches of external carotid artery are :
A. Superfacial temporal and transverse facial
B. Transverse facial and maxillary
C. Posterior auricular and maxillary
D. Superficial temporal and maxillary

# First branch of external carotid artery is :
A. Facial artery
B. Ascending pharyngeal artery
C. Occipital artery
D. Lingual artery

# The middle meningeal artery is associated with which foramen ?
A. Ovale
B. Rotundum
C. Stylomastoid
D. Spinosum
# Which of the following arteries does not supply the Circle of Willis ?
A. Anterior cerebral
B. Middle cerebral
C. Posterior inferior cerebral
D. Posterior communicating

# The blood supply of tonsils is :
A. Lingual artery
B. Superior thyroid artery
C. Facial artery
D. Pharyngeal artery