Anatomical Landmarks in Maxilla and Mandible for Complete Denture Fabrication

Anatomical Landmarks in Maxilla and Mandible for Complete Denture Fabrication

Primary Stress bearing area Residual alveolar ridge
Secondary stress bearing area
  • Rugae or anterior hard palate
  • Maxillary Tuberosity
Tertiary stress bearing area and secondary retentive area Posterolateral part of the hard palate
Relieving areas
  • Incisive papilla
  • Mid palatine raphe
  • Cuspid eminence
  • Fovea palatinea
Primary retentive area Posterior palatal seal area

Primary stress bearing area Buccal shelf area
Secondary stress bearing area Slopes of edentulous ridges
Primary retentive and primary peripheral seal area Retromolar pad
Secondary peripheral seal area Anterior lingual border
Relief areas
  • Crest of the residual ridge
  • Mental foramen
  • Mylohyoid ridge


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