Setting time of Dental Materials : Alginate setting time, GIC, ZOE, Impression plaster and Zinc Phosphate Setting Time

The Setting time of some of the dental materials is listed in the table below.

MaterialSetting time
Fast setting alginates1-2 minutes
Normal setting alginates2.5 - 4 minutes
Alginate (Optimal)3-4 minutes
Impression plaster4 minutes
Agar5 minutes
GIC type I4-5 minutes
GIC type II7 minutes
Silicate Cement3-8 minutes
ZOE cement4 - 10 minutes
Zinc Phosphate cement5-9 minutes
Zinc polycarboxylate cement7-9 minutes
Type I (hard) ZOE Paste10 minutes
Type II (soft) ZOE paste15 minutes
  • Model Plaster
  • Dental Stone or Class I stone
  • Die stone or class II stone
  • Dental Stone of high strength and high expansion
12 minutes

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