Local Anesthetic Techniques

Technique Features
1. Infiltration Also called as submucosal analgesia. Terminal branches or free nerve endings are anesthetized. Only that area into which the local anesthetic solution is infiltrated is anesthetized.
2. Field Block Large Terminal Branches are anesthetized.
a) Paraperiosteal Most commonly used technique. The solution is deposited alongside the periosteum. It is indicated widely in the porous maxilla than in the dense mandible.
b) Interosseous Means injecting directly into the bone. Painful and dangerous procedure. It is not commonly used.
c) Interseptal It is most effective in children and young adults. LA is injected into the thin porous interseptal bone.
d) Intraligamentary Most effective for anesthetizing single tooth by injecting LA into the periodontal ligament under high pressure. 
e) Intrapulpal LA is injected into the pulp chamber. The needle should be wedged firmly.