Dental pain is NOT the ONLY symptom of Dental Diseases

Most people don't know that dental pain is not the only symptom of dental diseases. Even we dentists before going to the dental college were unaware of the fact that the teeth may never be painful but are lost untimely due to periodontitis. In fact, there is no such thing as untimely loss. If you lose your permanent teeth before you die, that is untimely loss of teeth. Because, you need to eat until the day you die. And, When you lose your teeth earlier, your choices of food change, your amount of food changes and your speech becomes less understandable and children and youngsters hate being around with you because of the foul odor emanating from your oral cavity. Let's discuss some symptoms other than dental pain that may be an indication of oral and dental disease for which you need to see a dentist for consultation.

1. Loosening of teeth
Loosening of teeth which used to be firm can be due to various reasons including trauma, periodontitis, trauma from occlusion, and any other underlying pathology. Whenever calculus deposits around teeth and harbors a lot of plaque and bacteria, the gums start receding and the teeth appear longer. The bony support to the teeth is also compromised as the height of alveolar bone also decreases. As a result teeth start to feel loose. But, this phenomenon is completely painless. You'll probably lose your teeth in next few years if you ignore these symptoms.

2. Bleeding of Gums while brushing
Bleeding of gums is the first clinical sign of gingivitis, which is a technical term for inflammation of the gums or gingiva. Whenever the oral hygiene is poor and plaque and calculus deposits develop, then the gums become reddish and enlarged, tend to bleed more easily. If not treated in time, gingivitis may progress to periodontitis and more unfavorable will be the prognosis of the teeth. 

3. Foul Breath
Foul breath is the most disgusting thing which could turn off your nearest ones and may affect your life emotionally and financially as well. How can you convince a potential customer for sale if he runs away from you from a two-meter distance? This could be due to a lot of disorders which may originate in any part of the Gastrointestinal tract up to the stomach and sometimes even due to nasal and sinus cavity problems. Whatever may be the cause, it can be diagnosed and symptoms could be minimized. Most of the cases are due to tongue coating and presence of deep pockets in the gingiva. Proper oral hygiene and Oral prophylaxis will help to promote overall oral health as well as this particular symptom.

Likewise, there are many problems other than dental pain such as pus discharge from the gums, painful ulcers on the tongue and corners of mouth, yellowish hue of teeth, blackening of teeth and many more. You need not wait till the toothache is intolerable for consulting a dentist. A simple cavity that could have been restored two months back might deteriorate into a deep pulpitis which requires a root canal treatment costing you more time, money and suffering. 

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