Nobel Medical College and Teaching Hospital, General Surgery, Third year BDS, Pre-University Examination 2018

Nobel Medical College and Teaching Hospital
Kanchanbari-5, Biratnagar
Pre-University Examination, BDS 2018

Subject: General Surgery (New Course)         Level : BDS III (Aug 2015 & 2014 Batch )
Time: 2 Hours and 30 Minutes                                                                Date: Oct 26, 2018
Full Marks: 50

  • Answer each section in a separate answer book.

SAQ SECTION 'B' - 25 Marks

1. Write a short note on Hemorrhagic shock.  [5]

2. Classify wounds. Briefly describe about surgical site infection.  [5]

3. Write short not on pleomorphic adenoma of parotid gland. [5]

4. Enumerate the causes of Acute abdomen. [5]

5. Write down the clinical features and management of acute appendicitis. [5]

SAQ [Section 'C' 25 marks]
1. Write short notes on premalignant lesions of oral cavity.  [5]

2. Briefly describe about surgical anatomy of inguinal canal.  [5]

3. Write in brief about gall bladder stones and its management.  [5]

4. Write short note on ranula.  [5]

5. Describe in brief about obstructive jaundice. [5]

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