Why is the World Getting Busier and Noisier?

People these days have adopted a noisier, more violent and more partying lifestyle.  They expect every day to be a party day. And, that party too, must be with a deafening loud DJ music in which more than 5-6 notes are played at any instant. Overloaded music in very high volume, intense exercises and cardiovascular workout trainings, movie shows, dance Clubs and Restaurants, all are ruling the current world. Have you ever contemplated why is it happening so? Yes, in the days of past, there used to be fairs too, loudspeakers with music used to be played, but they were gentler and less disturbing to a calm soul observing it. An enlightened soul also cannot tolerate the upbeats and cacophony of the revelry these days, it is becoming extreme.

Well, that might be due to the rat race that is going on. People need to have good grades, get a good job and earn a lot of money before they are reputable in society. While trying to do so, everyone finds himself in the chasm of servitude, helplessness, and despair. Every second you are constantly reminded of what you are supposed to do and what you are not supposed to do. You need something that will distract you from the continuous unlimited pressure. Had it been a physical pressure, today's men would simply be flat pulps of broad broad plates. Thankfully it doesn't have any physical significance.

When you sit quietly in a silent room with your eyes closed, you cannot remain calm. However hard you try, your inner soul is fighting a war. To overcome this by turning off the internal conflict seems nearly impossible. Then, comes the role of temporary distractors, Clubs, Partying, Alcohol, Smoking, Prostitution and what not. You cannot calm the inner soul, you cannot hear the voice without being agitated yourself so that you try to keep your focus out of it, by turning the volume of the outside more higher and higher. But, that relief lasts only till the music is on, only till the battery lasts, only till the alcohol flowing through your nerves last. Then again you hear the noise, again you feel agitated. It takes a simple reflection into one's self to know and observe this fact. But, who dares to give it a try?

Next time when you go to the party, don't drink a single drink and observe each person at the party very well. See how they are calming themselves, imagine how would they feel tomorrow morning, in a crowded park or a bus, just remain quiet and observe people, hear their conversation and realise your inner soul's voice. Hear it and befriend it. Then from the next time, you don't need any high volume music, alcohol, smoke, or any other transient auxiliaries to keep you high, you'll get a natural high all the time.

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