Kantipur Dental College - Oral Pathology - Pre- Board Examination, October 2018

Kantipur Dental College
BDS Program
Pre- Board Examination, October 2018

Subject: Oral Pathology                                                        Level : BDS Third Year 
Time: 2 Hours and 30 Minutes     
Full Marks: 50

SECTION 'B' - 25 Marks

1. Define Dental caries. Discuss the histological features of enamel caries.  [1+5=6]

2. Enumerate the potentially malignant disorders affecting the oral cavity. Describe the pathogenesis and histological gradings of OSMF.    [1+2+2=5]

3. Enumerate the proliferative lesions of the oral cavity. Add a note on epithelial papilloma. [2+3=5]

4. Write short notes on: [3*3=9]
a. Garre's Osteomyelitis
b. Carcinoma In Situ
c. Kaposi's Sarcoma

[Section 'C' 25 marks]
5. A 40 year old male patient came with the complaint of a non healing ulcer on his lateral border of tongue since three and half months.
a. Write the differential diagnosis of an ulcer on the oral cavity.  [2]

The patient had habit of using tobacco for 3-4 years but had stopped since 5 years. On examination, the ulcer was indurated having rolled out border and was painful. The lymph nodes were painful and mobile.
b. What is the most likely diagnosis? [1]
c. Discuss the histological features and its different grades. [2+1=3]

6.  Enumerate the benign connective tissue tumors of the oral cavity. Write in Brief on Hemangioma. [2+3=5]

7. Enlist the family of Pemphigus. Discuss the pathogenesis and histological features of Pemphigus vulgaris. [1+2+2=5]

8. Write short notes on: [3*3=9]
a. Tzanck Test
b. Teeth as an age estimation tool
c. Stomatitis nicotina palatine

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