Branch of facial artery that crosses the submandibular region:

 # The branch of facial artery that crosses the submandibular region, runs anteriorly over mylohyoid muscle and divides into two branches, a deep branch and a superficial branch, is:
A. Submental artery
B. Tonsillar artery
C. Superior labial artery
D. Retromandibular artery

The correct answer is A. Submental artery.

Submental artery: The largest cervical branch, it arises as the facial artery emerges out from the submandibular gland, turning forwards on the mylohyoid below the mandible. It supplies the surrounding muscles and anastomoses with a sublingual branch of the  lingual and mylohyoid branch of the inferior alveolar arteries; at the chin it ascends the mandible, dividing into superficial and deep branches, which anastomose with the inferior labial and mental arteries, supplying the chin and lower lip. 

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