Cricothyroid muscle is supplied by:

 # Cricothyroid muscle is supplied by:
A. External laryngeal nerve
B. Internal laryngeal nerve
C. Recurrent laryngeal nerve
D. A direct branch from vagus nerve

The correct answer is A. External laryngeal nerve. 

All the muscles of  larynx are supplied by recurrent laryngeal nerve EXCEPT Cricothyroid. Cricothyroid is supplied by External laryngeal nerve. Recurrent laryngeal nerve supplies:
a) All intrinsic muscles of larynx EXCEPT Cricothyroid
b) Sensory nerves to the larynx below the level of the vocal cords.
c) Cardiac branches to the deep cardiac plexus.
d) Branches to the trachea and oesophagus.
e) Inferior constrictor

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