Caries activity in very young children is evaluated by:

 # The valuable test for evaluating caries activity in very young children: (KCET-10)
a) Lactobacillus colony count test
b) Swab test
c) Alban test
d) Colorimetric Snyder test

The correct answer is B. Swab Test.

Swab test was developed by Grainger et al. It has an advantage over the other tests in that no collection of saliva is necessary. So it is valuable in evaluating caries activity in very young children.


The oral flora is sampled by swabbing the buccal surfacesof the teeth with a cotton applicator, and the sample is subsequently incubated in the medium. The change in pH following a 48-hour incubation period is either read on a pH meter or read by the use of a color indicator.


Same as Snyder test

pHCaries activity
 <= 4.1 Marked caries activity
4.2 to 4.4 Active
4.5 to 4.6 Slightly active
> 4.6 Caries inactive

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