Taste buds are predominantly located in:

# Taste buds are predominantly located in:
A. Circumvallate papilla
B. Filiform papilla
C. Foliate papilla
D. Fungiform papilla

The correct answer is A. Circumvallate papilla.

# Circumvallate papilla - Present in front of the V shaped sulcus terminalis
- Large in size and 8-12 in number
- Contain many taste buds
- Von Ebner's salivary gland ducts open into its trough

# Filiform papilla/ conical papilla 
- Keratinized threadlike and give the tongue a characteristic velvety appearance
- Smallest and most numerous papillae
- Contain no taste buds

# Fungiform papillae
- Mushroom shaped, numerous near the tip and margins of the tongue
- contain few taste buds
- Distinguished by their bright red color

# Foliate papilla
- Present on the lateral border of posterior parts of the tongue
- Contain taste buds

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