Superior meatus of nose has opening of:

 # Superior meatus of nose has opening of:
A. Middle ethmoidal sinus
B. Anterior ethmoidal sinus
C. Posterior ethmoidal sinus
D. Middle ethmoidal sinus and Anterior ethmoidal sinus

The correct answer is C. Posterior ethmoidal sinus. 

Meatuses are passages behind the overhanging conchae. 

- Largest of all three
- Nasolacrimal duct opens into it. This opening is guarded by lacrimal fold or Hassner valve.
- Lies underneath inferior concha

- Lies underneath middle concha
- Most air sinuses open into it: Frontal air sinus, Maxillary Sinus, Middle ethmoidal sinus and anterior ethmoidal sinus

- Below superior concha
- Shallowest of all the three
- Posterior ethmoidal sinus opens into it

# Nasolacrimal Duct opens into Inferior meatus of nasal cavity.
# The frontal paranasal sinus drains into the middle meatus of the nasal cavity.

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