Bisecting angle technique is based upon:

 # Bisecting angle technique is based upon:
A. ALARA Principle
B. SLOB Rule
C. Rule of Isometry
D. Convergence

The correct answer is C. Rule of Isometry.

Cieszynski's Rule of Isometry
- Used in bisecting angle techniqiue of radiograph
- Two traingles are equal when they share one complete side and have two equal angles.
- An imaginary line that bisects the angle made by the film and the long axis of the teeth is constructed and central ray of the beam is directed at right angles to this bisector which forms two triangles with two equal angles and a common side (the imaginary bisector)

- To correctly reproduce the length of each root of a multirooted tooth, the central beam must be angled differently for each root.
- The alveolar ridge often projects more coronally than its true position.

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