Peripheral nerve block - Longest duration of action

 # In peripheral nerve block, which of the following local anesthetics has the longest duration of action?
A. Bupivacaine
B. Cocaine
C. Lignocaine
D. Prilocaine

The correct answer is A. Bupivacaine.

Bupivacaine and Etidocaine are long acting anesthetics with a duration of action about 180 minutes or even longer and this is due to their increased protein binding property. 

Bupivacaine is a potent agent capable of producing prolonged anesthesia. Its long duration of action and its tendency to provide more sensory than motor block has made it a popular drug for providing prolonged analgesia during  labor or the postoperative period. 

Bupivacaine and etidocaine are more cardiotoxic than equieffective doses of lidocaine. 

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