Artery supplying the buccal flap in an oroantral communication associated with maxillary third molar

 # A buccal flap used to cover an oroantral communication associated with maxillary third molar would receive nourishment from which of the following arteries?
A. Posterior superior alveolar
B. Nasopalatine
C. Greater palatine
D. Facial

The correct answer is A. Posterior superior alveolar.

The buccal flap will receive its nourishment from the blood vessel that supplies the maxillary third molar, which is the posterior superior alveolar artery.

Posterior superior alveolar artery is the blood vessel that provides blood supply to the lining of maxillary sinus, the alveolar bone, the molars and premolars of the maxilla and the gingiva.

Facial artery branches out and supplies blood to several parts of the face which includes the lips, portions of the nose, submental area and some portions of the tonsils.

Nasopalatine artery (sphenopalatine artery) branches off to the walls of nasal septum.

Greater palatine artery gives off blood supply to the nasal septum and the hard palate.

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