Termination of skeletal maturity - Indicator

 # Which of the following bone indicates the termination of skeletal maturity?
A. Presence of Sesamoid
B. Appearance of pisiformis
C. Appearance of calcification of hook of hamate
D. Union of diaphysis and epiphysis on radius

The correct answer is D. Union of diaphysis and epiphysis on radius.

Some other important tips:
 * Absence of hamate and pisiform - Still 1 year for prepubertal growth spurt
* Presence of hamular process of the hamate, pisiform and sesamoid- Beginning of  growth spurt
* Initial ossification of  sesamoid - Peak pubertal growth spurt
* The epiphysis and diaphysis fusion/ ossification of sesamoid completed - Prepubertal growth spurt completed
* The epiphysis and diaphysis fusion on radius and ulna- Active growth completed

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