Attachment loss and probing depth

 # A patient has a 5 mm probing depth on the distal of their maxillary second premolar, 2 mm of recession was also charted in that area. What is the attachment loss in that area?
A. 7 mm
B. 10 mm
C. 5 mm
D. 3 mm

The correct answer is A. 7 mm.

Periodontal health is assessed by determining how much attachment a tooth has lost. A healthy periodontium demonstrates a sulcular depth of 1-3 mm.

Recession is the distance from the CEJ to the marginal gingiva.
Probing depth is the distance betweeen the marginal gingiva and the floor of sulcus. 
Loss of attachment is measured as the distance of CEJ from the sulcular depth. 

So, Loss of Attachment (LOA) = Recession+Probing depth

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