A mature dental plaque is formed after:

 # How many hours after mechanical debridement with a toothbrush is a mature dental plaque found?
A. 24-48 hours
B. 3-5 hours
C. 6-10 hours
D. 12-24 hours
E. 1-2 hours

The correct answer is A. 24-48 hours.

Mature dental plaque is usually formed on the teeth within 24-48 hours after plaque removal.

The bacterial biofilm first attach to the tooth via a pellicle, consisting of glycoproteins.

The first bacteria to attach to the pellicle glycoproteins are gram positive aerobic cocci such as Streptococcus sanguinis. 

After 24 hours, anaerobic gram negative cocci, rods, and filaments begin to colonize the plaque. 

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