Condition always present in a class II div 2 malocclusion

 # Which of the following conditions is always present in a class II div 2 malocclusion?
A. Open bite
B. Crossbite
C. Deep bite
D. Closed bite

The correct answer is C. Deep Bite. 

Some children exhibit a skeletal vertical deficiency (short face), almost always in conjunction with an anterior deep bite and some degree of mandibular deficiency and often with a Class II, division 2 malocclusion. Skeletally, the condition often can be described as Class II rotated to Class I. The reduced face height is often accompanied by everted and prominent lips that would be appropriate if the face height were normal. Children with a vertical deficiency can be identified at an early age. 

Ref: Contemporary Orthodontics, Proffit, 4th Edition, page no. 534

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