Earliest radiographic sign of osteomyelitis

 # The earliest radiographic sign of osteomyelitis is:
A. Solitary or multiple small radiolucent areas
B. Increased granular radiopacity
C. Blurring of trabecular outlines
D. Formation of sequestrum appearing as radiopaque patches

The correct answer is C. Blurring of Trabecular outlines.

Radiographic Features
Radiodensity—about 10 days after acute infection, the density of trabeculae will be decreased, with blurred and fuzzy. For the radiographs to reveal any changes, there must be a loss of from 30 to 60% in the calcium content.

Trabecular pattern—the earliest radiographic change is that trabeculae in the involved area are thin, of poor density and slightly unsharp or blurred. The trabeculae soon lose their continuity as well as the little density present. Individual trabeculae become fuzzy and indistinct.

Ref: Textbook of Oral Medicine, 2nd Edition, Anil Govindrao Ghom

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