Ankylosis of the TMJ is best treated with:

 # Ankylosis of the TMJ is best treated with:
A. Exercise and massage
B. Sclerosing solutions
C. Antibiotics
D. Condylectomy

The correct answer is D. Condylectomy.

The treatment of TMJ ankylosis is always surgical. Early surgical correction of the ankylosed joint is highly desirable, if satisfactory function is to be regained. Surgical strategy adopted depends on the following:
a. Age of onset of ankylosis.
b. Extent of ankylosis.
c. Whether there is unilateral or bilateral involvement.
d. Associated facial deformity.

Surgical techniques
Number of techniques have been advocated by different surgeons. Critical analysis of all, filters only to three basic methods.
I : Condylectomy
II : Gap arthroplasty
III : Interpositional arthroplasty

Most surgical procedures can be done through a preauricular incision alone. The Popowich‘s incision is
chosen for its obvious advantages. Whenever required, additional submandibular incision can be used for fixation of the graft, etc.

Ref: Textbook of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Neelima Anil Malik, 3rd Edition, Page 267

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