The most caries susceptible teeth in permanent dentition are:

 # The most caries susceptible teeth in permanent dentition are:
A. Lower anterior
B. Second bicuspids
C. First molars
D. Second molars

The correct answer is C. First molars.

Based on the data analyses of the present study, it is concluded that first permanent molars had greatest caries prevalence followed by second permanent molars. Statistically significant associations were found between caries in first permanent molars and caries in other permanent teeth particularly central incisors, premolars, and second molars. Dental caries develops soon after the eruption of permanent first molars and can transmit to other permanent teeth; therefore, school-based oral health promotion programs should address younger children so that high prevalence of caries can be controlled in adolescents with early prevention. Oral health education should be raised in the community through oral health campaigns. Adequate access to public preventive and restorative dental programs and services should be ensured for all the children.

Reference:  First Permanent Molar Caries and its Association with Carious Lesions in Other Permanent Teeth, Muhammad Ashraf Nazir1 , Eman Bakhurji2 , Balgis Osman Gaffar3 , Asim Al-Ansari4 , Khalifa Sulaiman Al-Khalifa5

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