Common site of carcinoma of tongue is:

 # Common site of carcinoma of tongue is:
A. Apical
B. Lateral borders
C. Dorsum
D. Posterior 1/3rd 

The correct answer is B. Lateral borders.

The typical lesion develops on the lateral border or ventral surface of the tongue. When, in rare cases, carcinoma occurs on the dorsum of the tongue, it is usually in a patient with a past or present history of syphilitic glossitis. In a series of 1,554 cases of carcinoma of the tongue reported by Frazell and Lucas, only 4% occurred on the dorsum. The lesions on the lateral border are rather equally distributed between the base of the tongue, the anterior third and the mid portion, although in the above series 45% of cases occurred on the middle third. Lesions near the base of the tongue are particularly insidious, since they may be asymptomatic until far advanced. Even then the only presenting manifestations may be a sore throat and dysphagia. The specific site of development of these tumors is of great significance, since the lesions on the posterior portion of the tongue are usually of a higher grade of malignancy, metastasize earlier and offer a poorer prognosis, especially because of their inaccessibility for treatment.

Reference: Shafer’s Textbook of ORAL PATHOLOGY, Seventh Edition, Page no: 116

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