Gingivitis in leukemic patient resembles:

 # Gingivitis in leukemic patient resembles:
A. Pyogenic granuloma
B. Herpetic gingivostomatitis
C. Hairy cell Leukoplakia

The correct answer is D. ANUG.

Acute gingivitis and lesions that resemble necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis are more frequent and severe in patients with terminal cases of acute leukemia. The inflamed gingiva in patients with leukemia differs clinically from that found in nonleukemic individuals. The gingiva is a peculiar bluish red, it is spongelike and friable, and it bleeds persistently on the slightest provocation or even spontaneously in leukemic patients. This greatly altered and degenerated tissue is extremely susceptible to bacterial infection, which can be so severe as to cause acute gingival necrosis with pseudomembrane formation or bone exposure.

Reference: Carranza's Clinical Periodontology, 12th Edition, Page no: 194

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