The principal component of dental plaque is:

 # The principal component of dental plaque is:
A. Dextrans
B. Lactic acid
C. Materia alba
D. Microorganism

The correct answer is D. Microorganism.

Dental plaque is composed primarily of microorganisms. One gram of plaque (wet weight) contains approximately 100000000000 bacteria. The number of bacteria in supragingival plaque on a single tooth surface can exceed 1000000000 cells. In a periodontal pocket, counts can range from 1000 bacteria in a healthy crevice to more than 100000000 bacteria in a deep pocket. With the use of highly sensitive molecular techniques for microbial identification, it has been estimated that more than 500 distinct microbial phylotypes can be present as natural inhabitants of dental plaque.

Reference: Carranza's Clinical Periodontology, 12th Edition, Page no:  141

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