Which is not a method of gaining space?

 # Which is not a method of gaining space?
A. Proximal stripping
B. Intrusion
C. Uprighting of molars
D. Derotation of posterior teeth

The correct answer is B. Intrusion.

 Space can be gained by:

A.  Non Extraction 
 Proximal stripping 
 Arch expansion 
 Molar teeth distalization 
 Uprighting of tilted teeth 
 Derotation of posterior teeth 
 Proclination of anterior teeth

B. Extraction 
 Balancing extractions 
 Compensating extractions 
 Phased extractions 
 Enforced extractions 
 Wilkinson extractions 
 Therapeutic extractions

C. Surgical 
 Orthognathic surgery 
 Distraction osteogenesis

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