Pericision is carried out as an adjunct retention for:

 # Pericision is carried out as an adjunct retention for:
A. Midline diastema
B. Rotation
C. Proclination
D. Extrusion

The correct answer is B. Rotation.

It is generally assumed that a stable position of the teeth in the dental arch after orthodontic tooth
movement can only be established when the connective tissues of the gingiva have been allowed to adapt to the newly created situation. Supracrestal gingival fibers of an orthodontically moved tooth get
stretched and undergo readaptation very slowly. The pull of these fibers is a major factor in relapse. If these supracrestal fibers are sectioned and allowed to heal while the teeth are held in the proper position, relapse caused by gingival elastic fibers is greatly reduced.

Reattachment of these fibers at a new relaxed position on the root surface stabilizes the tooth in its new
position. This procedure is effective in controlling relapse of derotated teeth.

Reference: Textbook of Orthodontics, 2nd Edition Gurkeerat Singh, Page 279

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