First order bends are:

 # First order bends are: 
a) Tipping bends. 
b) Torquing bends. 
c) In and out bends. 
d) Anchorage bends. 

The correct answer is C. In and out bends.

First Order Bends
The first order bends or in-out bends are placed to compensate for differences in the buccolingual prominence of the teeth. They comprise of the lateral inset, the canine offset and the molar offset.

Second Order Bends
The second order bends are placed to achieve correct mesiodistal axial inclination of teeth. They comprise the tip back bends placed in the posterior segments.

Third Order Bends
The third order bends or torque are placed to get correct buccolingual position by moving the roots. They are placed by twisting the arch wire. 

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