Flow of Oxygen in Oxygen flush system

 # The oxygen flush system provides a higher flow of oxygen of ________ L/min when the patient’s need for oxygen is greater than the amount the breathing circuit can provide. 
a) 25-50 
b) 35-75 
c) 55-95 
d) 65-105 

The correct answer is B. 35-75.

Many anesthesia providers use the oxygen flush valve daily especially in those cases where the face mask fit is not optimal during the induction. When an emergency occurs it is comforting to know where a supply of oxygen is readily located, how much can be delivered, and that a flow is available despite the anesthesia being lifted on or off.

The oxygen flush can be used even when the anesthesia machine is not turned on and will operate in its regular fashion. It delivers oxygen straight from the pipeline or cylinder regulator at 45-50 psig (Pounds per square in gauge). The flow rate will be between 35-75 L/min. 

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