Immobilization of head in a non compliant patient

# Which of the following is commonly used for immobilization of the head in a non-compliant patient?
A. Papoose board
 B. Pedi-wrap
C. Forearm-body support
D. All of the above

The correct answer is C. Forearm body support.

Physical restraints: Last resort for handling uncooperative patients or handicapped patients. 
- Restraints are usually needed for children who are hyperactive, stubborn, or defiant.
- Physical restraints involve restriction of movement of the child's head, hands, feets, or body. It can be:
* Active - restraints performed by the dentist, staff or parent without the aid of a restraining device.
* Passive - with the aid of restraining devices like Papoose board, Posey straps, Pedi-wrap, Head positioner, etc.

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