Most common cause of megaloblastic anemia

# Most common cause of megaloblastic anemia is:
A. Lack of folic acid in diet
B. Inability to absorb vit B12
C. Iron deficiency in diet
D. Chronic blood loss

The correct answer is B. Inability to absorb Vit. B12.

The dietary intake of Vit B12 (Cobalamine) is more than adequate for the body's requirements, except in true vegetarians and their breast fed infants. Thus deficiency of cobalamin is almost always due to malabsorption. Malabsorption can occur at several levels.

In contrast, the dietary intake of folic acid is very less. Also, because the body's store of folate are relatively low, folic acid deficiency can arise rather suddenly during periods of decreased dietary intake or increased metabolic demand as in pregnancy. Folic acid deficiency can also be due to malabsorption. 

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