Pit and Fissure Sealant

# Teeth that have lost pits and fissure sealant show…
A. The same susceptibility to caries as teeth that have not been sealed
B. Higher susceptibility than non sealed teeth
C. Lower susceptibility than non sealed teeth.
D. The same susceptibility as teeth with full retained sealant

The correct answer is C. Lower susceptibility than non sealed teeth.

Teeth that have been sealed and then have lost the sealant have had fewer lesions than control teeth.This is possibly due to the presence of tags that are retained in the enamel after the bulk of the sealant has been sheared from the tooth surface. When the resin sealant flows over the prepared surface, it penetrates the finger-like depressions created by the etching solution. These projections of resin into the etched areas are called tags.

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