Anterior Bite Plane Indications

# Anterior bite plane is used in correction of:
a) Anterior cross bite
b) Deep bite
c) Open bite
d) All of the above

The correct answer is B. Deep Bite.

Anterior Bite Plane:
• Used for correction of deep bite
• It should provide a clearance of 2-3 mm between upper and lower posterior teeth to provide space for supra eruption.

Posterior Bite Plane: 
• Along with Z spring used in treatment of anterior cross bite

Upper anterior inclined Plane
• Provides reinforced or multiple anchorage and is constructed at an angle of 60° to occlusal plane
• The mandible is used to reinforce the anchorage by the engagement of lower incisors on to upper inclined bite plane. Thus a distal force is applied on the maxillary teeth

SVED Appliance
• It is a modification of upper anterior inclined plane with an additional upper incisal  capping. It has advantage of splinting the incisors to prevent them being forced labially.

Catlans appliance or lower anterior inclined plane
• The inclined plane is designed to have a 45 degree angulation and is used to treat maxillary anterior teeth in crossbite.
• It can be made of acrylic or cast metal and is designed to treat a single tooth in cross bite or a segment of upper arch in crossbite.


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