Auer bodies are a characteristic of:

# Auer bodies are a characteristic of:
A. Plasma cells
B. Monocytes
C. Myeloblasts
D. Reticulocytes

The correct answer is C. Myeloblasts.

Myeloblasts may have intracytoplasmic  rods (stain red) called Auer rods. Auer rods are abnormal lysosomes (primary granules) that are pathognomic of myeloblasts and not found in ALL. Auer rods also stain positive with myeloperoxidase. The diagnosis of AML is established by the presence of >20% myeloblasts in blood and/or bone marrow. A positive myeloperoxidase reaction in >3% of the blasts may be the only feature distinguishing AML from acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).

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