Pain on tooth preparation even on the enamel layer

 # Some patients experience pain on tooth preparation even on the enamel layer. This may be due to:
A. Enamel Tufts
B. Enamel lamellae
C. Enamel spindles
D. Striae of Retzius

The correct answer is C. Enamel Spindles.

Odontoblastic processes occasionally cross the DEJ into enamel; these are termed enamel spindles when their ends are thickened. They may serve as pain receptors, explaining the enamel sensitivity experienced by some patients during tooth preparation.

Ref: Sturdevant’s Art and Science of Operative Dentistry, 7e, AndrĂ© V. Ritter, Lee W. Boushell, Ricardo Walter, Second South Asia Edition, 2019
Page No: 8

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