Which of the following can be given safely in pregnancy?

 # Which of the following can be given safely in pregnancy? 
a. Imatinib 
b. Heparin 
c. Warfarin 
d. Thalidomide

The correct answer is B. Heparin.

Human Teratogenic Drugs - Drugs causing human birth defect
Thalidomide – Phocomelia, multiple defects
All anticancer drugs – Multiple defects, fetal death
Androgens – Virilization, limb, esophageal, cardiac defects
Progestins – Virilization of female fetus
Tetracycline – Discolored and deformed teeth, retarded bone growth
Warfarin – Nose, eye and hand defects, growth retardation
Phenytion – Hypoplastic phalanges, cleft lip/palate microcephaly
Phenobarbitone – Various malformations
Chlorpromazine – Neural tube defects
Valproate sodium – Spina bifida and other normal tube defects
Lithium – Fetal goitre, cardiac and other abnormalities
Isotretinoin – Craniofacial, heart and CVS defects
Imatinib – Multiple defects exomphalos, kidney abnormalities

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